Ealeanor - Reco Chiropractic Testimonial

Age:  29

Problem(s) first brought into the clinic:
Upper back Pain and UTI.  Plus headaches, neck & shoulder stiffness, fatigue

Treatment tried before:
Antibiotics, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Homeopathy, Painkillers & Herbal Supplements

How have you found your treatment and how has it benefited you?
My back pain is now minimal and I am able to do be much more active.  The frequency of my UTI, has decreased and I am not even using any other treatment for them.  My headaches have significantly reduced and I have more energy.  I still get some stiffness in my neck & shoulders but I very rarely get any pain.

Would you be happy to recommend someone you know to our clinic?
Yes,  it is very reassuring to know that my spine is healthier, which is benefitting my overall health.


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