Hayley - Reco Chiropractic Testimonial

Age: 29

What Problem(s) first brought you into the clinic?
I came in on crutches having hurt my hip whilst at work. This had in turn flared up an old injury in my lower back.

What treatment did you try before chiropractic?
Painkillers and rest. I had been on a waiting list for a scan through the NHS for two months and I just couldn’t sit around doing nothing!

How have you found your treatment and how has it benefited you?
The treatment was fantastic! By the time the scan date from the NHS had come around, I had been seeing Mandeep 3 times a week for 2 ½ months and had felt a major improvement. I went for the scan and the doctors suggested physio. I said ‘no’ and carried on seeing Mandeep. I am in much better health now and I feel less tired and my body feels stronger. I still see Mandeep once a month for a check up but my goal of getting back into dance classes has been achieved, thanks to Mandeep!

Would you be happy to recommend someone you knew to our clinic, based on your experience here, if you felt they could benefit from chiropractic?:
Most definitely. I am telling all my friends now that I have found the best chiropractor in Bristol so they do not make the same mistake as me and wait until they’re in agony in order to get help!

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