Age:  39

What problem(s) first brought you into the clinic?
Before visiting Mandeep at the beginning of 2012, I was suffering from bouts of Sciatica and a long term pain in the shoulder, possibly caused by a car accident 3 years ago.

My recreational activities were more affected than anything else as was driving and walking. I recently had to stop canoeing and water-based sports both at a National level and for fun.

What treatment have you tried before?
Although I gained some relief from heavy exercise and muscle warmth, I was afraid I was masking an injury and doing more harm than good. I found that I was taking more and more painkillers to manage the pain.

How have you found your treatment and how has it benefited you?
After an intense course of adjustments the pain has considerably reduced. My sense of wellbeing has changed and I also feel happier knowing that my body is being put back in the right place.

Would you be happy to recommend someone you knew to our clinic?
Mandeep is continuing to work with me and I would certainly recommend Reco Chiropractic to anyone.

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