Martyn - Reco Chiropractic Testimonial

Age: 29

What problem(s) first brought you into the clinic?
After a serious car accident I broke my back and injured my neck. I required Major Spinal Surgery, fusing my lumber spine with titanium screws and rods. Despite surgery I still got extreme pain in my back and neck and also regular migraines.

What treatment have you tried before?
Surgery, physiotherapy, massage, and a 3 week admission to Headley Court Military Rehabilitation Hospital in Surrey.

How have you found your treatment and how has it benefited you?
Mandeep has been fantastic, explaining and performing chiropractic adjustments. In only a couple of sessions she achieved the results that other treatments have failed to do. The movement in my neck is vastly improved and since my first session I have not had a migraine. She is making good progress with my lumber spine, having identified the cause of much of the pain.

Would you be happy to recommend someone you know to our clinic?
Definitely, I cannot recommend Mandeep enough. I wish I had seen her sooner. Many thanks.

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