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I knew almost nothing about Chiropractic before I visited Reco, and although I was not experiencing any pain or back trouble, I went for a check-up on a recommendation. As part of my initial consultation, Dr. Bahra made an x-ray picture of my spine, which showed my neck to be very seriously out of shape. I was very lucky not to have yet suffered pain, and the need for Chiropractic care was obvious. Within weeks of the treatment I began to feel wonderful improvements in my general posture. I had not realized just how much tension and stiffness had built up in my neck, and I soon felt taller and found myself looking into the sky more often than the ground. Six months later, a second x-ray showed Dr. Bahra’s treatment to have fully corrected my spine, giving it the gentle curve essential to its health and proper functioning. I have been fully convinced that Chiropractic is essential to well-being. It is a practical solution to serious problems, and with far reaching benefits. I recommend Reco to everyone, including those without symptoms of ill-health, like myself. I was surprised and delighted with the results of Chiropractic.

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