Portrait of Tom D, one of our valued guests

Age: 26

What Problem(s) first brought you into the clinic?
Lower back pain and stiffness in the right hamstrings.

What treatment did you try before chiropractic?
Physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture.

How have you found your treatment and how has it benefited you?
The treatment I received has exceeded my expectations by being far quicker than I anticipated and leading to both short and long term relief of my pain, as well as resolving the cause of the problems.

Would you be happy to recommend someone you knew to our clinic, based on your experience here, if you felt they could benefit from chiropractic?
I would heartily recommend anyone I knew with problems to see Reco Chiropractic, particularly as I have learnt that many seemingly unrelated issues have their root cause in spinal and nervous malfunctions.

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