Hip pain can occur to anyone for a variety of different reason. However, that doesnt mean you have to live with the pain. Come see Reco Chiropractic to get rid of the pain and prevent it from coming back again.

Common Causes of Hip Pain


Any illness or injury may cause inflammation in the hip joint, the nearby bursa, ligaments or muscles. When the hip joint is inflamed, the space in the joint becomes filled with blood or fluid which prevents the joint from moving. Another cause may be from bursas, bursas are fluid filled sacs that surround the hip to act as shock absorber. They can become inflamed and cause pain. Bursitis is most commonly due to overuse or minor trauma.


This is the most common cause of hip pain in the elderly. Through progressive wear and tear, the cartilage diminishes and the joint degenerates. This process is irreversible but with chiropractic, this process can be slowed and symptoms can be prevented from getting worse.


Continuous use of the hip joint in high impact activities may lead to arthritis and/or inflammation. Sometimes, even daily wear and tear can increase tension on the hip causing inflammation in the adjacent tendons, ligaments and muscles.


Many people will go through life experiencing physical trauma from falls, car accidents, playing sports or even from their occupation. This may result in broken bones, hip or pelvis dislocations, strained muscles and sprained ligaments. Traumatic injuries tend to produce a great amount of pain.

Referred Pain

Sometimes its not actually the hip thats causing the pain but the spine. Most commonly, we find that patients will complain of hip pain but its actually due to nerve compression in the back. Chiropractic manipulations are very effective for cases of sciatica.

Our Chiropractors at Reco Chiropractic will find out what is really causing the pain. We will take a history and conduct a physical evaluation to find the cause. We may even take x-rays if necessary. If chiropractic is suitable in your case, we will then tailor a treatment plan just for you that may include chiropractic adjustments, stretches and exercises along with postural advice.

Come to Reco Chiropractic in Bristol to get your hips sorted.

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