Many people feel that massage during pregnancy can be bad for the mother, and foetus. This however is not the case, and is completely safe and highly beneficial for both the mother, and the foetus.

What does massage during pregnancy do?

During massage, you stimulate and increase blood flow around the body, increasing circulation, in turn distributing essential minerals and nutrients to your vital organs, including the placenta. This is especially important as during pregnancy your blood volume is approximately double compared to someone who isnt pregnant. During massage a chemical called oxytocin is released, this is a pain reducing hormone which can reduce and relieve any pain in which you may be suffering from.

The changes in a pregnant womens posture can cause severe discomfort during pregnancy, and can cause all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms which increase during pregnancy. Muscles can become tight, and joints can become swollen which puts added pressure on your bodys tissues. Here at Reco our massage therapists can use special techniques to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling.

Pregnant women often go through periods of respiratory problems, finding it can hinder the ability to breath easily. Regular massage treatment can help to improve breathing, this is done by relieving some of the tension in which is caused by postural changes, allowing it to feel easier to breath.

Pregnancy can become quite stressful at points, along with the regular stresses of day to day life, increased hormones, fears and worries. These all can become overwhelming for the mother. Massage can help reduce stress and can help to relax the mind and body, to help relieve the stresses during pregnancy.

Receiving regular massages can also help to prepare your body for pregnancy. It can help to increase and maintain flexibility and the stability of your joints. It can also keep your stress levels down in preparation to labour, and help to improve your mind and body connection to help reduce stress when you are in labour.

How Reco Chiropractic can help you?

If you are going through pregnancy and currently suffering from stress, muscle tightness, achy joints, swollen joints or any other symptoms then dont hesitate to contact the clinic and book yourself in for a massage treatment, with our amazing introductory offer still at 29 for an hour!

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