Chiropractic care is very safe for women during their pregnancy. In fact, some chiropractors take a particular interest in treating pregnant women prenatally and postnatally. At Reco Chiropractic, our chiropractors will use a pregnancy pillow during the treatment and use alternative techniques to avoid unwanted stress on the abdomen.

During pregnancy, the body goes through changes to create the optimum environment for the foetus. As the pregnancy progresses, the abdomen will continue to grow. This pulls the sacral base anteriorly causing and anterior pelvic tilt and an increase in the curve of the back and this adds stress to the entire spine.  Secondly, they may notice that their ligaments become looser due to the increase in progesterone and relaxin levels. The pelvis is held together predominantly by ligaments and when these ligaments become lose, the pelvis can become unstable. Thirdly, pregnancy changes a women’s posture. This is due to her larger breasts, rounded abdomen and increased curvature of her back. This posture causes them to gravitate forwards and thus changing their sense of balance.

It is essential that the pelvis is levelled and aligned to provide optimum room for the developing foetus. An unlevelled pelvis may cause difficulty for the baby to get into the optimal position for deliver. Maintaining spinal and pelvic alignment helps the entire body work more efficiently. If you are pregnant, come to Reco Chiropractic in Bristol to get adjusted.

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