Tendinopathy refers to a disease of a tendon. Common tendinopathy complaints are located around the Achilles tendon at the ankle, biceps tendon at the elbow and the supraspinatus tendon at the shoulder. It is a generalised term referring to one of two conditions:

Tendinosis: a chronic tendon injury with degeneration occurring at cellular level.

Tendinitis: an acute tendon injury often associated with inflammation around the tendon.

In both of these conditions, pain is usually felt whilst palpating or touching the tendon, during exercise and also every day movements. Whilst some people decide to live with the pain, there are treatment methods that we offer at our clinic that will help alleviate these symptoms, such as massage techniques, specifically deep frictions.


Deep friction massage is a specific connective tissue massage technique. It helps maintain the mobility within soft tissue structures, including our tendons and muscles. As a result of the tendinopathy complaints, the tendons that attach the muscle to bone become very stiff. By receiving friction massages on the tendon, it helps improve the mobility around the tendon and therefore increase the movement around the joint. As well as massage techniques, eccentric exercise programmes and stretching programmes help relieve the symptoms of tendinopathy. Here at the clinic, our massage therapists will develop exercise programmes for you alongside the massage treatment you receive, so that you can see results at a faster rate.

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