Matt, 25 year old male, ground worker. The past 2 years he has been suffering from a very stiff neck that’s dull and sharp on certain movements. He also gets frequent headaches around the forehead area and also experiences pins and needles down to his upper limbs regularly. Matt also said he has low back pain which spreads down to back of his right thigh which started about the same time as the neck. Matt said 6 months prior of coming in he paid a visit to his GP which gave him exercises that aggravated his pain.
The examination revealed that Matt’s spine was intolerant to especially bending forwards and locking of his neck. A set of x-rays were taken and showed decreased disc height of his lumbosacral area.
Matt has followed through with the recommendation of care that has been tailored specifically to him. He reports complete reduction of neck pain, headaches, pins and needles of his upper limbs and also the radiating pain of the back of his thigh. His low back pain level has gone from 8/10 to 1/10 and because of his line of job is very physical it is expected for him to experience some minor twinges and stiffness now and then.