Job Title: Human Resources Manager

Full Time

• Conducting induction and exit interviews

• Oversees the preparation of job descriptions, drafts advertisements and interviews candidates

• Check trackers have been completed accurately.

• Assisting the Management with monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and membership

• Supervises the referrals / guest appreciation

• Oversees the monitoring of employee performance and career development needs

• Provide one to one coaching when required

• Develops and administers salary, health and safety and promotion policies

• Promoting Lead position within the team and supervise accordingly

• Examines and reports on company and departmental structures, chains of command, information flows, etc. and evaluates efficiency of existing operations

• Attending weekly/monthly communication meeting with Director of the Company

• Taking part in coaching sessions, webinars, leadership meeting for the continuous improvement of knowledge and skills

• Determines staffing needs

• Considers alternative work procedures to improve productivity, stays abreast of relevant legislation, considers its impact on the organisation’s HR strategy and recommends appropriate action

• Provides or arranges for provision of training courses, undertakes industrial relations negotiations with employees’ representatives or trades union

We are looking for experienced candidate with similar job profile and experience with special skill of managing people and performance management. If this sounds like you we are looking for you, please email us your CV and covering letter at telling us why we should take you on. Please note that, should we think you are a suitable candidate for the required position, you will be send a response to attend the interview.

Degree/Masters Degree in a Human Resources based qualification essential


Job Title - Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapist (Part Time)


Job Summary

An opportunity for a Massage Therapist to join a chiropractic team, in offering deep tissue and sports massage.

At Reco Chiropractic and massage we have a very exciting vacancy.

We at Reco Chiropractic want you to become part of our team. Are you caring and do you want to give great customer service, if so we want you to become part of our team. We have our own recipes to help you understand how we look after patients and manage patient’s aches and pains, as part of our chiropractic team.

We have a role for a self employed sports / deep tissue massage therapist, who wants to progress in advocating massage as part of the clinical chiropractic team. By cross referring, we will also help you with marketing, we have a team to help with booking patients and management of your patient list.

Our location is Reco Chiropractic, 118 St Micheals hill, BS28BU. We are looking for a massage therapist who is flexible, will be happy to start with one or two shifts a week, wants to become part of a team. YOU MUST BE BRISTOL BASED! You need to have a qualification in sports / deep tissue massage. You must be happy to work on a fixed % basis for each patient.

You will get training in the management of the patient, and become part of a great team. We have regular team meetings and are looking for an amazing massage therapist to join our family. You will need to be excellent, energetic and passionate about massage to join our team, flexibility in being able to cover other team members. Please give us information regarding your experience, qualifications and your availability.Tell us why we would be mad not to take you on as part of our clinical team at Reco chiropractic.

Responsibilities and Duties

– Working out what the problem is

– Being able to take a good medical history

– Offering deep tissue massage to a patient

– Able to advise the patient on how you can help manage the complaint

– Happy to offer full body massage to clients who wants it

– Want to be part of a team

-Want to grow your client list from scratch

– Happy to adhere to Company’s tenants and courtesy system

-Want to give excellent customer service

– Wants to be the best at what you do

-Happy /eager to learn

At Reco, we consider ourselves to be The Reco Musketeers – “All for one and one for all”. We are the Reco family- a band of brothers. Like the Musketeers we want to be considered the elite in what we do. We practise our profession, continuing to learn and seeking to improve. We are seen as leaders, educating the public, taking care of our community. When our guests come through our door they feel safe. We are honest, trustworthy and loyal towards our team and clients.

 If this is you, please email us telling us why we would be MAD not to have you on our team and also send across cover letter and cv at
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