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“Reco Chiropractic has changed my life. Prior to my treatment with Manuel, I was suffering from debilitating migraines on a weekly basis and after visiting my GP multiple times over the last few years with no improvement, I was coming to terms with the fact that I would have to live with these migraines for the rest of my life. Within a week of starting treatment with Manuel, I had completely reduced my use of painkillers and I haven’t suffered from a single headache within the month since then. I can’t thank the Reco team enough for their professionalism, care and kindness!”

Emily Aspinall

“All in all a very good experience. From the first contact, Emma was very welcoming in the reception area, making me feel at ease whilst taking me through the introduction. My treatment spanned three months during which time Manuel assessed, treated and advised. He kept me informed about the condition of my back as the treatments progressed. Not only do I feel better but more educated about my body. Certainly wiser, and hopefully more likely to have a healthier back in the future. Your professional support and guidance is very much appreciated. Thank you.”

Si Mead

“Excellent. Friendly staff, and a nice relaxed atmosphere. I booked up a sports massage from Groupon and was pleasantly surprised with the detail of the consultation and how beneficial the treatment was. I have been to other places around Bristol who do the hard sell, but Reco were very chilled and laid back.
The practitioner Michaela in particular was brilliant. I will be booking again.”

Kiarian Coohill

“Booked in for an hour massage on one of their special offer. The welcome and service was very friendly and professional. Joe (the masseuse), was knowledgeable and friendly. Strong fingers and hands and really worked out the areas/muscles that were tight. Have re-booked to go back. Overall a good professional place, with nice staff.”

Daniel Hobson

“I have been having sports massages for the past few months with Reco chiropractic centre. Having these massages has really helped with pain and tightness i was experiencing. I highly recommend Matt who is very easy to talk to and approachable. Not only do i get the massages but i get tips on how to stretch particular areas of the body to help with my back problem. Thankyou”

Rosie Cormack

“Joe is awesome. He’s very knowledgable and helped me work through various aches, pains and trapped nerves with massage but also gave me invaluable advice for how to strengthen problem areas to help me in the long term. Thet have a great direct debit option which is very reasonable and makes getting a massage systematic which is fantastic for busy people.”

Jessie White

“Wen in here with upper and lower back pain. Met a guy called Matt who is very professional and gave me an initial assessment to begin with and pointed out things that iv never know about my posture. Afterwards he gave me a good massage and really really lossened up my back. Feel like a new man. Many thanks the team”

James Bassett

“Wen in here with upper and lower back pain. Met a guy called Matt who is very professional and gave me an initial assessment to begin with and pointed out things that iv never know about my posture. Afterwards he gave me a good massage and really really lossened up my back. Feel like a new man. Many thanks the team”

James Bassett

“I’m half way through a series of six deep tissue massage sessions with Luke, to help my shoulders and lower back – a long standing problem mainly due to sitting at a computer for so long. I can feel the benefits, I have less tightness and discomfort day to day and Luke has been great at giving me tips to help keep my shoulders feeling better in between sessions. It feels good to be getting help with this and seeing an improvement. The whole team at Reco are always really friendly and helpful too.”

Nicola Round

“I came in with upper back, chest and neck pain. Over the course of four weeks, Mateusz has relieved the tension in problematic areas, and outlined some key exercises and stretches to help and prevent this going forward. I am already feeling much better for it. Thank you!”

Alfred Dabson

“I booked in my first session due to tension in my neck and lower back. Luke assessed my posture during my initial consultation and explained what it could be down to (bad posture, sitting at a desk too long etc.) & provided advice on ways to avoid such issues going forward. I could feel the benefits after my first deep tissue massage and have gone back regularly ever since – feeling a noticeable difference each time. Great team, great experience and would highly recommend to anyone.”

Henok Gheotom

“I first booked an appointment with Reco after suffering from some knee pain after a 10k public run. It was easy to book an appointment and for a time that suited me. The professional I saw was friendly and knowledgeable about the likely causes of my injury. I received a number of weekly treatments which quickly eliminated my pain and helped me to release tension in my legs and back. I would thoroughly recommend Reco as every part of my experience has been positive.”

Caleb Sivyer

“Very friendly and attentive staff, prompt service on welcome. I had an appointment with Joe who was very easy to talk to about my back and neck issues. He identified the problems almost immediately and explained very clearly why and how I’m being effected over my daily routine, and what I can do to improve my situation. The massage I had honed in on my main areas of ache and pain before I had even explained where they were, and Joe worked firmly to help relax those muscles. I am feeling instantly much better already and I can’t wait for my next appointment.”

Rory Mitchell

“Fantastic service every time, very friendly staff, and always welcoming – Joe was my therapist and was brilliant. I’ve had neck problems for a long time and they’re so much better already. Cant wait for the next session!”

Michael P

“I recently come in for an hour massage with Jodie. I came in complaining with lower back pain. Jodie took a full history and postural assessment and pointed out that it can be due to my lower back muscles and hips being very tight. She has worked on these areas with a firm pressure, not spa like. We are on a block of 6 treatments and following a re assessment, the low back pain has reduced and I have more mobility around the area. I cannot thank her enough.”

Luke Doran