Mike, in his mid-40s, came in with low back pain that radiates down to his right ankle. He mentioned that the pain is mainly dull one, with occasional sharp pain on movements. Mike revealed that the pain initially started over 5 years ago and it has progressively got worse over time. He has seen other practitioner, osteopath and another chiropractor, previous of coming here.

On examination I noticed Mike had loss of movement of the vertebrae of his middle back which lead to compensatory motions of his low back and because of that it allowed inflammation to slowly build up within those joints until it eventually compressed against the nerve roots of his low back which is the cause of the sciatic pain he has been reported to experience.

The treatments first had the emphasis to reduce the locking of his spinal joints and then to increase motion of his middle back. He has also been prescribed exercises that assist in spinal range of motion and also essential exercises to strengthen his core in a healthy way.

Mike has responded incredibly well to the treatments given to him. His pain levels has reduced significantly and he the sciatic type of pain down to his right ankle is completely gone.  Mike is now having a monthly check-up to make sure his spine is being taken care of on regular basis.