Benefits of Massage on our Psychological State.

Most people out there might just believe that massage only has physical effects on our body, such as increased mobility and increase in blood flow around the body. This however is not the case. Massage has benefits on our psychological state of mind, including stress, depression and anxiety and others that’ll be discussed further down.

Massage and the effects on Stress and Anxiety.

During massage, the hormone cortisol is released in the body during massage. This hormone is responsible for lowering the stress levels of the body. The body is more capable of healing itself when stress levels are low. This hormone also allows us to breath easier, which lessens the feeling of anxiety which helps lead to an increase in our emotional wellbeing.

Massage and the effects on our Concentration.

For all you students out there procrastinating, this will help you concentrate and revise a lot better. A good relaxing massage in Bristol will make you feel relaxed and calm, which promotes focus and concentration. This, in turn, helps the mind to be more creative and productive.

Massage and the effects on our Sleep.

The effects of depression, anxiety and stress usually affects how we sleep. By receiving regular massages, it helps relax both the body and mind which helps shut the body down before heading to bed for the night.

Massage and the effects on our Mood.

When receiving massage, it causes the hormones, serotonin and endorphin, to be released into the bloodstream, elevating moods. Massage also can stimulate pain blockers and reduce the feelings associated with chronic pain. Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Centre have reported that massage can relieve feelings of depression in people with chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia.

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