Modern age brings with it a number of new health problems resulting from continuous technical interactions. ‘Text neck’ is a modern condition, like many modern afflictions, which refers to repeated stress, pain, and injury around the neck area as a result of excessive or prolonged use of handheld devices. This condition is also often referred to as the posture of the turtle neck and it has been a cause for increased concern, especially with children, who frequently use more mobile devices than adults. One of the most effective therapies to combat the effects of this repeated stress injury on the neck is chiropractic care.

Text neck is a growing concern for health and lifestyle, despite the steady rise in users of mobile devices. Looking down at a handheld device, it flexes the head and neck forward and affects the spine directly. By tilting your head forward at an angle of 15 degrees, you place at least 27 pounds of weight and force on your delicate neck — more if the tilting angle is increased. Such a posture can very damage the neck and spine. Left untreated, repetitive stress or strain injury and occupational overuse syndrome to the neck could develop conditions similar to that. Apart from neck pain, text neck can also cause pain in the upper back, pain in the hip, thoracic kyphosis, and chronic headaches.

When experiencing discomfort associated with this unhealthy pose contact a text neck chiropractor. Constant neck pain, soreness, and stiffness are common symptoms of the condition, but other symptoms can also be observed, such as radiation of pain from the neck to the shoulders and arms, muscle weakness in the muscles of the shoulder (including rhomboids and trapezoids), Weakness of the external rotators of the shoulders and tightness of the suboccipital muscles which often lead to the tension of the headaches.

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