The word chiropractic stems from Latin and means “done by hand”. Chiropractic is a well-established treatment form where the practitioner is using his/her hands as the name chiropractic states. Chiropractic was created back in 1895 in Iowa, America by Daniel David Palmer.

Chiropractors are specialised in diagnosis, treatment and prevention care of the neruomusculoskeletal system and are using a wide range of techniques to restore function and increase mobility of joints which normally leads to decreased pain levels.  The way most common treatment modality chiropractors are using is hands-on spinal manipulative therapy which is considered a safe and effective tool for musculoskeletal complaints and essentially what we are doing is we are using our hands to create movement of the joints that are not moving.

It is important that we are looking beyond the pain because in most cases the pain is just a symptom of a bigger underlaying problem. This is where the importance of diagnosis comes in place, in order for us to set a diagnosis we will take  a full history and perform

orthopaedic, neurologic and functional teststhat  we deem as necessary for each individual case. Bottom line is, it is vital to identify the root of the problem in order to prevent reoccurrence of the issue.

People of all ages may benefit from chiropractic care. The youngest patient I have seen was 4 weeks old and he had difficulties laying on his back and also preferred breastfeeding one side compared to the other side. Many pregnant women or just have become mothers goes to the chiropractor to sort out the mechanical complications it may has caused. A lot of athletes, office professionals and manual workers are seeing chiropractors due to pain arising from muscle imbalances as well as joint stiffness.

The technique a chiropractor uses varies from practitioner to practitioner, but also we accommodate our technique from clients to clients as well in order to set a safe practice.

In the package of care often involves not only the treatments we provide, but also includes ergonomic and postural advice, stretches, exercises and holistic lifestyle changes. For the treatment to be long-standing usually some lifestyle changes needs to happen, for example learning how to keep a neutral spine while lifting and how to brace the core to protect the structures of the low back.

At Reco Chiropractic Family Centre, we start each initial consultation with a full medical history and a physical examination as well which includes orthopaedic and neurological tests, we may take a set of x-rays if we find it necessary. All of these steps are important to do in order give us a complete picture of the complaint and also to rule out any other pathologies stemming from outside of the neuromusculoskeletal-scope.