Reco Chiropractic Seat Wedge

  • New improved Reco chiropractic seat wedge designed for Hernia, Coccyx, Tailbone & Sciatica support
  • Innovative material, Anti-sliding back. For car seat, office chair, dining chair, wheelchair
  • New improved design for Hernia, Tailbone & Coccyx support.
  • Contours, slops and cut-out to distribute body weight evenly.
  • Anti-sliding back to prevent sliding on any surface.
  • Anti allergic velor fabric cover with breathable mess fabric.
  • Appeases risk of sitting for longer hours
  • Alleviates pain, aches, fatigue or soreness experienced with painful tailbone & coccyx with office chair, desk
  • chair, kitchen, car seat, airplane, or wheelchairs.