A chiropractor’s basic principle is to realign the spine.

Your back plays a vital role in keeping the body upright and flexible while also protecting the delicate spinal cord that connects the nervous system with the brain – and it needs to be looked after!

Many people have this question that what is chiropractic?

We do this through adjustments and manipulation, (when a chiropractor uses their hands to apply pressure to the joints of the body), rehabilitative exercises, and lifestyle and nutritional advice. Combined these treatments can help to alleviate pain, dysfunction and discomfort from most parts of the body.

Chiropractic is the third largest recognised primary health care profession in the world. It is covered by most insurance companies. The techniques for spinal manipulation that we employ, are recommended for lower back pain by the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Clinical Standards Advisory Group.

Chiropractic is useful for all types of different complaints. Many athletes seek treatment to keep their bodies in peak fitness – and suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

If your spine falls out of alignment, it means that it is not evenly distributing the body’s weight along the spinal column. It can lead to a loss of mobility, numbness, discomfort and pain.

It is easy to get into habits of bad posture, slouching at work or sleeping curled up. However, over the months and years these habits can become more difficult to correct and the problems associated with them compounded.

In the back, braids of nerves branch off from the spinal cord and pass out between each of the moveable vertebrate in your spine. These braids then divide many more times into tiny nerve fibres that connect every cell, organ and tissue in your body.

On top of causing back aches and pains, bad posture also puts pressure on these delicates nerves that come off the spine. It has been shown in studies to be incredibly sensitive. They can be reduced to about one half of their normal activity with as little as 20 mm Hg of pressure – about the weight of a coin.

If the bones of the spine are compressing the nerves in this way, it is important to return them to their full capacity as soon as possible. Regular chiropractic adjustment can alleviate the gradual deterioration of nerves and prevent the formation of scar tissue.

By realigning the spine, freeing up the nerves and providing expert advice with posture and follow up exercises. our Bristol chiropractors can promote the healthy distribution of weight down the back and return mobility and vitality to your life.